Thursday, August 16, 2007

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Hi I have my new home now which is at things need doing to it still,but it's up and running so no need to post here anymore see you there I'll get everything sorted in time it's just a matter of when.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Top Ten Weight Loss Foods

Whilst doing some market research a thought from a keyword made me think about this so hence the post here are what I would consider to be my top then weight loss foods anyway whether they are or not makes difference so here we go.

Something I eat a lot of now especially with it being so hot is salad my number one for this would be.

1. Tomatoes I love them all the goodness they contain and they have water in which fills you up

2. Fish I eat mostly salmon when we have it mostly in sandwiches or with a salad

3. Eggs I eat a fair few eggs two reasons mainly one the protein and two they suppress your appetite.

4. Soup extremely low in calories very filling and studies show that it suppresses your appetite.

5.Apples very low calorie food and contains pectin which is it's own fibre takes quite a while to break down in your stomach plus turns off the hungry signal in your mind.

6. Bananas love the taste of them and there so full of good stuff namely potassium

7.Pears love this fruit and eat it quite a lot

8.Beans full of protein and taste great with some chilli powder added yummy

9.Porridge (Oatmaeal) mostly have this for my breakfast keeps me going to dinner or lunch whichever you prefer.

10.Green Tea full of antioxidants and now Im used to it I find it quite satisfying I know it isn't a food but thought it might make a good addition to the list.

You Are What You Eat

We all have heard this phrase at some time during our battles with weight loss but did you know that some research as shown that we can be what our friends eat.

A study was performed which had twelve thousand people and there where 2 things that stood by a mile large people have large friends.

And people with big friends become bigger themselves so this raises a few valid points does it hold true for you what happens when you go to a friends house for dinner do you tend to eat more than you would do normally. It certainly is worth thinking about as we can and do become at times like the people we hang around with.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

News Flash

Hi folks well I have pondered doing this for ages now and have finally done it I bought the domain name so I will be moving from blogger in time over to wordpress hope you will join me there all the very best


Friday, August 10, 2007

Weigh In

Hi folks weigh in time again looks like things are going real good down now to on the dot now so here is how it looks.

Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Download

Hi folks came across this today and thought some people might be interested in it, hypnosis can work for some people and others not,but it's worth trying if anything after all it's free so nothing to lose here is the link enjoy

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Funny Video

Enjoy I did !!!!

Found at Funny Stuff Central, the Home of Funny Video Clips

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ten Ways To Help You Burn More Fat

Here are some ways to stoke your metabolism up if you are still having problems with losing weight. these are all from the latest research on weight loss.

1. Studies have found that actually water does have an effect on your metabolism,a study which was correlated in Germany showed that by drinking water the participants metabolisms rose by thirty percent which is quite good. water also will suppress your appetite we often mistake from thirst and therefore eat more,try this tip have some water about twenty minutes before your main meal you will probably find that you will eat less.

2. Drink green tea, it has been found from studies that, it has metabolism boosting properties, also green tea is very high in antioxidants and overall it doesn't taste that bad, it probably sounds for worse than it actually is that there is no reason why you shouldn't try it.

3.Have some soup,various studies have been done regarding soup, as well as speeding up your metabolism, it also suppresses your appetite and with it being a liquid type of food it will also feel you up.

4.Eat some grapefruit, studies were done regarding this fruit at a clinic and it was found that the people who ate some grapefruit with their meal lost three point six pounds, within three months, another good thing about grapefruit is it keeps your insulin levels in check which if you have high levels of insulin which can cause you to gain weight, insulin is a fat storage hormone.

5.Eat even more fruit, a few days back now I wrote a post about Apples and how they can help you lose weight, if you eat one Apple before each meal about half an hour roughly this will suppress your appetite and because of the pectin in the Apple, you will eat less food. You could also eat pears as well in conjunction with the apples.

6.Vegetables, get into the habit of eating broccoli lots of studies have shown that this vegetable will help you lose weight in the long run, and it does taste quite nice, not only that broccoli is packed with phytochemicals,which helps prevent disease.

7. Add some yoghurt to your shopping list has been found, that people who eat dairy foods, with calcium in do in fact lose weight. Just make sure it's a low-fat variety of what you are eating.

8. Porridge, one of my favourite breakfasts, oatmeal as its otherwise known has lots of soluble fiber and high in carbohydrates which will keep you feeling full for longer.

9.Turkey or chicken tends to be packed full of protein,another good metabolism booster studies have shown this time after time.

10.Spicy food hot foods such as pepper also have fat burning properties as well, things like chillies etc, these foods stimulate your stress hormones which in turn speed up your metabolism.

Source e-diets

Monday, August 06, 2007

How You Can Burn More Fat By Doing Less

This poses a rather interesting debate about exercise and the length of it or how much you do or don't as to how much fat you burn, during exercise, a study was done which compared the fat metabolism, of some men who did one bout of exercise and some who did repeated bouts of exercise.

Things were that were done were during the study seven men did the following a single bout of exercise for sixty minutes continuous, and also two single bouts of exercise which lasted thirty minutes each, and had twenty minutes rest between each bout,and then rest.

Measurements were done on the participants of the study and it was found that the group that exercised constantly for sixty minutes burnt less fat than those who exercised for thirty minutes then rested now interestingly enough this is this is exactly how I do my exercise one session in the morning followed by one session in the evening, and do it on alternate days so I have one day of exercise and one day off